Language comprehension and polyglotism

Emotional language processing

How does the brain process words that have a positive or negative valence, and words
that have high or low arousal? Does foreign accent modulate the effects of emotional
language? This line of research investigates the neural correlates of emotional
language processing and the contribution of accent to it.

Sentence comprehension in a second language

We are investigating the active of L2 comprehenders in sentence processing. In order to understand why sentence comprehension is slow and difficult in a second language, we explore how much L2 comprehenders can actively anticipate and integrate words in sentences as L1 comprehenders do. 

Understanding accented speech

To get to another perspective of bilingualism effects, we are exploring how much speech comprehension is affected when a native listener is processing language produced by a non-native speaker. We will define how much lexical, semantic and syntactic processing are influenced by the nativeness or non-nativeness of the accent of the speaker. 

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