Alexandra Ibáñez Lillo

Gabriele Cattaneo
PhD Student
Office 55.102

I graduated in Psychology at the University of Barcelona where I first got in touch with the cognitive neuroscience research. Later I studied a master in Neurosciences also at the University of Barcelona and since 2010 I am enrolled in the Biomedicine PhD program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra under the supervision of Dr. Albert Costa and Dr. Luca Bonatti.

My interests are related with infant development, language acquisition, bilingualism and executive functions as well as probabilistic reasoning.

Currently, I am conducting my doctoral research that explores the role of labeling on category acquisition in bilingual and monolingual infants. Mainly I work with Eye tracking technology.


Téglás E, Ibanez-Lillo A, Costa A, Bonatti LL. Numerical representations and intuitions of probabilities at 12 months. Developmental Science. 2015;18(2):183-93.