Gabriele Cattaneo

Elisa Ruiz Tada
Postdoctoral Fellow
Office 55.003

I got my first degree in Philosophy and a degree of second level in Cognitive Neuroscience, with a thesis on the rehabilitation of semantic memory in people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

I worked as a clinical neuropsychologist at the Hospital San Raffaele in Milan for almost two years in the "Operational Unit for the Rehabilitation of Cognitive Disorders."

Now I'm doing my doctoral studies focused on cognitive control and language production in people affected by degenerative diseases.

In particular, my interest is to explore how and to what extent the mechanisms of language control are based on more general mechanisms of cognitive control, and how degenerative diseases can affect the proper functioning of these mechanisms.


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Cattaneo G, Calabria M, Marne P, Gironell A, Abutalebi J, Costa A. The role of executive control in bilingual language production: a study with parkinson's disease patients. Neuropsychologia. 2015;66:99-110.