Media Appearances in 2014!

Happy New Year from the SPB!

Here is a list of media appearances that Albert Costa, the head of our group, has appeared in in 2014!

1) Albert and collaborator Boaz Keysar wrote an article in the New York Times titled “Our Moral Tongue: Moral Judgments Depend on What Language We’re Speaking”.

2) They also appeared on an NPR radio interview on this topic. (Listen to it here.)

3) He was interviewed by the German newspaper 'Die Ziet' on moral decisiosn and native and foreign languages. (Click here for the article, in German.)

4) Attached is an interview by La Vanguardia (major Spanish newspaper) on technology and the brain.

5) Finally, Albert appeared in a TV show "8 al dia amb Josep Cuní" (8 a day with Josep Cuní) to discuss bilingualism and the brain.
(Watch it here.)