Katherine Marcoux

Elisa Ruiz Tada
Master Student

I received a BA in Linguistics and Languages (Japanese and Spanish) from Bryn Mawr College. For my undergraduate thesis, I examined the development of the language campaigns in Catalonia after Franco’s dictatorship to increase the use of Catalan. After graduating, I taught English in Andorra for an academic year, during which I enjoyed teaching and living in a multilingual environment.


Currently, I am conducting research on an individual’s evaluation of personality traits based on hearing brief utterances, specifically “Hello”. What is it that we glean from an individual’s voice? Are there agreed upon personality evaluations associated with a particular type of voice? Is there universality in voice evaluations across languages? What vocal information do we use to evaluate these voices?


Having lived much of my life overseas, in Italy and Japan, and now Spain, my main research interest involves bilinguals.


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