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Foucart, A., Hayakawa S., Corey J. D., Barr D. J., Aparici M., Costa A., et al. (Submitted).  Changing languages changes moral choices: The role of outcomes. Cognition.
Branzi, F. M., Calabria M., & Costa A. (Submitted).  Cross linguistic/bilingual language production. Oxford Handbook of Psycholinguistics.
Cattaneo, G., Costa A., Gironell A., & Calabria M. (Submitted).  Deconstructing bilingual language control processes. Neuropsychologia.
Romero-Rivas, C., Thorley C., Skelton K. E., & Costa A. (Submitted).  Foreign-accented speech weakens semantic spreading activatioin: Evidence from a false memory paradigm. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
Frances, C., Costa A., & Baus C. (Submitted).  On the effects of regional accents on memory and credibility. Psychonomic Bulletin Review.
Baus, C., Bas J., Calabria M., & Costa A. (Submitted).  Speak my language and I will remember your face better: An ERP study. Frontiers in Psychology.
Romero-Rivas, C., Pérez A., & Costa A. (Submitted).  When the acoustics affects the semantics: Strong accents hinder semantic priming. PLOS ONE.
In Press
Costa, A., Branzi F. M., & Ávila C. (In Press).  Bilingualism: Switching. Neurobiology of Language.
Ivanova, I., Branigan H. P., McLean J. F., Costa A., & Pickering M. J. (In Press).  Do you what I say? People reconstruct the syntax of anomalous utterances. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience. 1-15.
Calabria, M., Cattaneo G., Marne P., Hernández M., Juncadella M., Gascón-Bayarri J., et al. (In Press).  Language deterioration in bilingual Alzheimer’s disease patients: a longitudinal study. Journal of Neurolinguistics.
Costa, A., Vives M. - L., & Corey J. D. (In Press).  On language processing shaping decision-making. Current Directions Psychological Science.